Monday, December 23, 2013

Six Travel Trends to watch in 2014

The Travel Market Report has sent out surveys an the results are in for what they say are the travel trends to watch in 2014. Not only are baby boomers still going strong, but indulgence and adventure travel is on the upswing. Check out these trends:

Trend #1. Impact of millennials
Trend #2. Seniors are unstoppableTrend #3. Rise of conspicuous leisureTrend #4. Growth of ‘creative tourism’Trend #5. Strength of luxury travel Trend #6. More multigenerational travel

Please visit their website for more information on these emerging trends. Contact the Kankakee County CVB for more information.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Problem Resolution

We have all had bad customer service experiences; whether we were the client or the business owner it is never an issue we want to happen. However, dealing with problems head on and satisfying the customer is well worth the effort to train your staff to deal with them.

When a negative experience happens, fix it before check-out
·        Leisure guests are willing to pay a 20 percent premium for best in class issue resolution, while business travelers are willing to pay a 11 percent premium.
·        Of guests who shared their complaints with the hotel, seven out of 10 were not satisfied with the result.
·        Eight out of 10 leisure guests are influenced by well handled issue resolution when rebooking.

Experience creates a channel through brand ambassadors
·        Three out of five leisure guests are highly likely to rebook after a good experience.
·        95 percent of guests discuss noteworthy good and bad hotel experiences.

Meet business guests' needs, drive loyalty
·        Business guests rank personal experience as their top purchase driver.
·        A satisfied guest is loyal and will spread the word.

Issue resolution and room amenities are "aces" for leisure travelers
·        Over half of memorable leisure stay moments are experienced due to customized support, largely driven by attentive staff.
·        Leisure travelers not only say they want current room amenities, it's a feature they're willing to pay for

Taking the time to deal with an issue and create a satisfying resolution not only means a happy customer, but one that will help promote your business as well. Keep an eye out for more Kankakee County CVB blog articles and have a great holiday!