Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do you have a plan?

Contingency planning is a vital aspect of any event management. Even the best made plans are unlikely to ensure that nothing goes wrong. When a major problem does occur event organisers are expected to be able to react quickly and appropriately. This ability to react stems from anticipating emergencies, accidents and problems, formulating plans and training staff in what must be done.

Industry consultant, trainer and speaker Tyra W. Hilliard, an associate professor at the University of Alabama, teaches meetings contingency planning at industry events. Some preparedness measures she recommends include the following:

  • Form a crisis management team, including long-term and event-specific internal personnel as indicated by the threat and vulnerability assessment.
  • Create a strategy for minimizing the impact of a crisis on meetings.
  • Develop methods to inform meeting attendees about appropriate crisis prevention and response measures (e.g., emergency contact information, collecting medical emergency information on registration forms, posting and announcing evacuation routes, etc.).

Read more about contingency planning here.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winner of Reader's Choice Award!

KANKAKEE COUNTY, January 24, 2013 – The Kankakee County Convention and Visitors Bureau won a Reader’s Choice award from SportsEvents Media Group. SportsEvents Media Group is a leading industry publication focused exclusively on helping sports event planners produce excellent competitions in the United States and Canada. 

Sports event professionals were asked to name the sports commission, convention and visitors bureaus, or sports events venues that they believe display exemplary creativity and professionalism toward the groups they host. Nominations were received from readers throughout the year, and the top picks were selected based on the results from an online voting system. 

Kristen McIntosh, SportsEvents editor, says “These award winners have proven they are willing to go above and beyond the normal service levels expected by providing both the physical attributes and commitment to hospitality and service that today’s discriminating sports event planners demand. It is an honor to announce their selection by sports event planners as some of the best in the United States.” 

The Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau is proud to bring this honor home to Kankakee County for a second time. The Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau previously won the 2011 Destinations to Watch Award.  

A complete list of award winners is available online at http://www.sportseventsmagazine.com/2013readerschoice. Winners will also be listed in the January 2013 issue of SportsEvents Magazine.

The Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau creates vibrant growth for the local economy by promoting Kankakee County as an overnight destination, increasing visitor awareness and developing a united tourism industry through marketing programs to ensure the continued growth of tourism travel. For more information visit www.visitkankakeecounty.com or call 815-935-7390.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How much space do I need for an event?

When it comes to meetings, one size does not fit all.

Before you book your venue, consider how people will be arranged in the space. For example, 250 people can comfortably stand in 1500 square feet (a room roughly 42 ft. x 35 ft.), which is great for a reception, but classroom seating would only allow 85 in the same space and 125 for a seated dinner at round tables.

Space and Capacity Calculator
This calculator will calculate the capacity of a banquet hall, wedding hall, or meeting room in many setup scenarios. It will also calculate space needed for a specific amount of people. You can also find out how many trade show booths will fit in a space, or how much space is needed. One thing to note, the calculator will not take into account odd shaped rooms. Also, remember to subtract the square footage of dance floors etc.

Need help calculating the size you will need? Vicki Layhew, our Sales and Marketing manager can assist you with site selection issues when you use the CVB to plan your event. Call 800-747-4837 or email her today!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Use the Kankakee County CVB for your next event like the Gotcha Outdoor Show

The Gotcha Outdoor Show uses the Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau to help plan their event!
Rod Goodall plans this annual event and uses CVB resources to help book room blocks for guests attending the event, provide convention services for guests and promote the event outside the area.
Here are some of the other services the CVB provides:
  • Assist in choosing a property to compliment your event and submit a request for proposal.
  • Furnish quantities of the current Visitor Guide during or prior to, your event.
  • Information table with area brochures, maps, and information.
  • Events that are "open to the public", may be posted on our website.
  • Help promote your event by sending press releases to local media.
Contact Vicki to start planning your event in Kankakee County and don't miss the Gotcha Outdoor Show January 5-6, 2013!