Monday, September 16, 2013

Hospitality Training for At-Risk kids

Busy lives and the social disconnectedness afforded by modern communication technologies are quickly swallowing up the art of hospitality.” 

How do we regain this intangible skill that should never be replaced with modern technology? 
Destinations across the country are embracing a new approach to deter youth violence that is taking the lives of many young adults.  Cities across the country are looking at how hospitality training programs can create respect for others and instill pride in communities.   The program is not only about reducing crime but preparing our youth for a job market and industry that lacks a smile and information needed to make a sale.

Some training initiatives target 15 to 24 year-olds struggling to find work and help them get jobs in the hospitality and restaurant industries while others incorporate grade school students. 

“Virginia Avenue Park's Teen Center is not only about getting kids jobs. The City's realigned Cradle to Career initiative hopes to nip the causes of youth violence in the bud by helping disadvantaged kids find careers that promise more than just a meager paycheck, according to the Julie Rusk, Santa Monica's director of Community and Cultural Services.”
“In the tourism industry, it’s not about pipelining our youth into fast food, and other restaurant jobs but training them to have a career in the hospitality industry that encompasses so much more”.   An initiative program primary focus should be to introduce an industry that youth can see a future and embrace a life time career.  These training programs can be implemented in local high schools, community outreach organizations and community colleges.

Tourism is economic development which includes training our youth for tomorrow’s industry. Contact Larry Williams, Executive Director to find out more about this opportunity.

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