Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Teaching Children Hospitality

Hospitality is a dying art and training should start during childhood

How do we engage kids in hospitality under the age fifteen?   Adults who live with kids can invite guest into their homes regularly.  Allow the children to invite them verbally or in writing.  Communication skills are encouraged when you host family, friends and other children into your home.  The art of hospitality starts at home. 

Ask kids to share what makes them feel welcome whenever they visit a new place for the first time.  Encourage them to join your local church or organization’s hospitality committee and have them prepare guest needs before they arrive.  Teach children how to plan ahead of time.  If it’s the guest first time visiting, give them a short tour of the bathroom and play areas.  If the guest is staying overnight show them where to find amenities, such as soap, towels, blankets food and dishes.  Last but not least, let children create a fun basket with toiletries for guest.

Quality customer service doesn’t have to disintegrate if we start hospitality training early on. Teaching our kids and preparing them to be responsible adults will equip them for industries looking for skilled and friendly employees.

Larry Williams, Executive Director
Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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